SELF-CARE ANXIETY MANAGEMENT If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, you might feel it has intensified during the last many months of the corona pandemic. Perhaps you don’t feel anxious about life at all, and every aspect of your life is going smoothly. That is fantastic. However, if you notice one of the following […]

BEST SLEEP REMEDIES THE DANGER OF POOR SLEEP Did you know that 1 in 3 adults don’t get enough sleep? During the World Medical Congress which I attended last year, several specialists from  The Medical Academy of Sleep Research were sharing their case studies. In their case studies they shared that poor sleep puts their […]

  Vitamin D is one of the many vitamins our body needs to stay healthy. Our body produces vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight, however many people are deficient in vitamin D, partly because they spend many hours indoors but also because of a diet low in Vitamin D. If you want to […]

Dairy and meat in Ayurveda I often get questions about meat and dairy when I talk about health, food and Ayurveda lifestyle. There isn’t one answer to whether dairy and meat is bad for you. However, there is plenty of research that shows that a diet high in dairy and meat (beef, salami, sausages, smoked […]

THE TRUTH ABOUT BREAD – GOOD OR BAD? Being gluten-free is one of the most popular diet trends around the world, but the number of people who actually need to avoid gluten is relatively small. BREAD Bread is often demonised as a bad carbohydrate which make us sick and destroys our digestive track. That’s simply […]

  Acid reflux is common in the Western world, especially for people over forty. Not long ago a client of mine complained about always having the urge to cough after taking a meal. The client had noticed her coughs (mucus cough) were getting worse over the past two months. During my Ayurveda consultation I asked […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   These healthy oat pancakes are easy to make. They are nutritious, delicious and immune healthy.  A perfect breakfast. I make my healthy oat pancakes vegan. You can, however, add 1 egg instead to give the oat pancakes a softer texture. Remember: You can adapt and adjust the recipe according to your taste. […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   Setting aside time for yourself is important because it can enhance your emotional, mental and physical health.  You might have neglected yourself lately. Don’t worry. You can change this with a few and simple healthy self-care routines. What matters the most is that you do things, that you actually enjoy to […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   These healthy vegetable patties are a wonderful Ayurveda dish, immune healthy and delicious. They are perfect to eat for lunch or dinner together with rice or a bowl of salad or steamed veggies. You can also use these Ayurveda vegetable patties to make your own homemade burger. I make my Ayurveda […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   THE HEALTHIEST WAY TO DRINK COFFEE AND BLACK TEA Coffee and black tea is enjoyed by people all over the world, every single day. For some people a cup of coffee or a cup of black tea is a ritual, they can’t live without. To me, coffee is my happy pleasure, […]