Ayurveda Health Consultation

Whether you are seeking to gain a healthier lifestyle or want to know how Ayurveda can change or improve your health and well-being, I can help you in your journey.


Let me help you find your balance with few and simple changes. Get to understand your internal health. Get to understand how your individual body-type, known as “dosha” in Ayurveda.

Get an insight to why you feel stuck. How to get out of it. Get an insight to why your digestion isn’t functioning well, and how you can get back to a healthy digestion again.

Get an insight to how your individual body type affects your romantic life, and how to understand the reactions and emotions which are common for the different body-types.

What I offer you, is an inspiring consultation that can support you in a long-term healthy lifestyle. Choose between:


  • Face to face in Marrakech or on your Retreat
  • Remote via Whatsapp or Skype


  • Stress
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Low energy
  • Moodiness
  • Instabile energy from others
  • Sluggishness
  • Bloating
  • Digestive problems
  • Acid reflux
  • Ulcer
  • Constipation
  • Emotional Eating
  • Weight gain
  • Weight loss
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Excessive cravings
  • Poor sleep
  • Acid reflux
  • Skin problems


  • Face to Face in Marrakech or on your Retreat
  • Remote via Whatsapp or Skype

After the consultation I will work on a personal guideline for you. This is a 7-10 page personal guideline, full information about your body type and imbalances, if any. The guideline also includes food suggestions for your personal body-type, information about what imbalances your specific body type is prone to, and anything additional you may wish to have in your guideline.


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3 MonthS unlimited

  • 1 Ayurveda Consultation
  • Tongue diagnosis
  • 3 months unlimited email support
  • 3 months unlimited WhatsApp
  • 3 Zoom or Whatsapp Live Calls (choose your preferable platform)
  • Cell, Whatsapp, Email or Zoom
  • 2 personalised audio meditations made according to your life situation and dosha type

This is for you, if you want an in depth Ayurveda health coaching support. This is also for you if you have done a consultation in the past and want to re-fresh, questions, you want to contact me via WhatsApp for quick replies concerning your health and wellbeing, food, recipes, etc. You need help, support  and guidance in your health journey. You need deeper clarification.

You can send me photos of foods, medicine or groceries and ask me anything you have concerns around. You can send me your test results (blood tests, etc).

Transform your confusion into clarity as you gain the step-by-step support from me.



  • For you only or a group of 10-30 people (if you are a bigger group, contact me for price info)
  • Can be done for YOU only if you need private time for YOU with full focus on your needs and how to move forward where you feel stuck
  • 5 hour in-person session with me
  • Complete Holistic day
  • Ayurveda Sessions
  • Meditation
  • Stress Management
  • Digestive health workshop
  • You can also let me know the topics you are interested in and I will design a program for you
  • If you wish to book 1-1, I will arrange the day in an exclusive boutique resort in Marrakech. Lunch is included, tea, water.
  • Transport with private driver included for 1-1 (not for bigger groups)
  • This day can also be arranged in your own home or any other city, your work place, team-building events, etc. Let me come to you.

Sessions currently offered in: Marrakech, Morocco. Can also be booked in your home city in Europe  (London, Copenhagen, Berlin, etc, )

This one-day inspiring HOLISTIC DAY WITH SALLY provides you with everything you need in terms of health inspiration, Ayurvedic daily habits for balance, detoxifying Ayurveda foods, holistic lifestyle remedies, personal relationship concerns and how Ayurveda understands the “doshas, and how you can understand yourself and your reactions in time of stress and pressure. What imbalances can occur in your dosha and how this can affect your health and romantic life.

THE HOLISTIC DAY WITH SALLY can be adjusted to anything you personally want to focus on during this inspiring session with me.

If you want the focus to be on Ayurveda cooking, this can also be adopted for you.

A Holistic Day with Sally is private time with me, dedicated solely to YOU or your group.

This session is perfect for you if you want to learn and get inspired. If you feel low on energy, stuck, confused, tired, unmotivated, out of balance and need a clarity to move forward. It’s also for you if you want to improve your health and reboot yourself personally, emotionally and physically.

This inspiring session can also be booked for your group, work colleagues or your partner. This session can also be booked for teambuilding events, or your Retreat group.


  • Health and Habits
  • Foods – What Body-Type Foods?
  • Imbalances – What am I prone to and why?
  • Behaviour Patterns of the different body-types – Ayurveda Psychology.
  • Romantic Partner – Relationship.
  • Reactions – What are the main reactions related to the 3 types?
  • Ayurveda lifestyle and how it can optimize your wellbeing for life
  • Can also include what YOU want to INCLUDE. Just let me know and I will provide you with the program you desire.
  • Can be done for YOU only if you need private time for YOU only with full focus on your needs and how to move forward where you feel stuck. Can also be arranged for groups. 
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