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READ SALLY'S TESTIMONIALS Email Sally Goldfinger " I love to inspire people and to give each and every guest/student an exceptional experience. What is important to me is to share and offer people inspiring Retreats, Workshops, and Ayurveda Consultations & Events. Apart from Yoga, I am also specialized in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic nutrition and diet. To me food is my medicine. I love to eat and I do not believe in extreme diets and fasting holidays. I am a foodie and to me food has to be made with love and passion. Fresh and local food means a lot to me and I wish to introduce you to the local food, allow your taste buds to explore the local kitchen and of course to share my knowledge in Ayurveda. Food is our energy and has to taste good and make us feel good! Looking forward to seeing you on one of my retreats" Love from Sally Goldfinger CONTACT SALLY NOW