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The Complete Ayurveda Plan – 21 Day Healthy Detox


Welcome to your health and welcome to the Complete Ayurveda Plan – 21 Day Healthy Detox!


The Complete Ayurveda Plan -21 Day Healthy Detox is a personalised program. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, eat meat, gluten free or a combination of many– I’m here to guide and support you to achieve your wellbeing and lifestyle goals.

No starvation. No juice fasting! My Program is designed exactly towards you, your lifestyle, your current situation and your body type. This program can be done Online or 1-1.


We are all individuals and our foods, needs and digestion is just as individualised. I firmly believe this.


I am confident we can work together and reach your personal goals.  With simple and easy modifications you will feel alive, cleansed and healthier than ever.



5 Day Dietary Record

You will start by sending me a 5 day dietary record so I get an idea about your food habits, meals, your typical day. Don’t worry if things don’t feel 100% balanced for you. We work on this together. Be as honest as you can, as this helps me to create the exact health plan you need for your individual body-type and who you are inside out.

Ayurveda Consultation

We then move on to your 1-1 Ayurveda Consultation. You can have with it me it face to face at the comfort of your home or via zoom or google meet. We will explore what has worked for you before, what hasn’t, how you feel right now, your goals, and so much more. Before the call, you may send me 2 tongue photos (optimal) via whatsapp or email. In that way I can check your tongue, your body type, imbalance (if any). I create a complete customised health plan for you in regard of your body-type and your wellbeing goals.


Fridge Tour (optional)

Next step – We go through your fridge and kitchen cabinets, we talk about the products you have, what works, what doesn’t. You can do this via a whatsapp video call or zoom, but you may also send me photos. I can also come to you in person, if you are in my area. It is entirely up to you. If you want to skip the fridge/kitchen tour, no worries, just let me know.


Supermarket Tour (optional)

A tour around your local supermarket, we go through the hidden treasures and the hidden sugars. You learn how to read food labels like a Pro and you’ll learn what snacks and foods are the best options for your individual body-type, what foods to reduce for yourself, if you live alone, or for you and your kids/ family. If you aren’t able to do a Supermarket Tour, you can send me photos of your last grocery shopping and we go through it 1-1 at your home or via zoom/WhatsApp. If you want to skip this part, no worries, just let me know.


Tone Up Yoga or Wellness Yoga (optional)

In your 21 Day Complete Ayurveda Plan – 21 Day Healthy Detox, you may chose to have  private yoga at an additional cost (online/live or in person, if you live in my area). Do you want to get into shape and tone up? Or do you need to find peace and calm and reduce restlessness and gain more energy and inner balance? Or maybe both?

Together we decide which type of sessions are suitable for you and your individual dosha/body-type. The sessions will take place via video, live for you. If you are in my area, we will do them in person. You will have a total of 4 private classes in your 21 day Healthy Detox.

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  • Weekly follow ups
  • Unlimited 30 day email contact
  • Unlimited 30 day support /accountability
  • 5 Day Dietary Record
  • A full list of Ayurvedic immune boosting foods to protect your health
  • A full list of what superfoods speeds your metabolism
  • Ayurveda Consultation – 60 minutes
  • Ayurveda food guideline unique to your body-type
  • A list of foods that enhances digestion
  • Customised guideline (15-18 pages)
  • Food coaching
  • My exclusive recipes (21 recipes in total)
  • How to stay on track during long work days, traveling, eating out and what options are best for you
  • Strategies to help you make the right choices
  • Techniques that help you stay on track when you feel you’re loosing motivation or focus
  • Motivational emails or WhatsApp messages to keep you on track

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  • Two Ebooks of your choice
  • One Meditation Audio


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  • Anyone who wish to build a healthy foundation of eating and wellness
  • Anyone who feels stuck and feels it affects their food habits and overall health
  • Anyone who feels overwhelmed by the many diet trends and confused about what is right and wrong
  • If you want something simple, which doesn’t involve calorie counting and complicated meal planning
  • Anyone who has experienced emotional eating/ over-eating related to stress, sadness and lack of self-care
  • Anyone who feels their emotional and mental health is affecting their food habits and unsure of how to get back in balance
  • Those who wish to slim down and feel light and balanced inside out
  • Anyone who wants to detox physically and mentally with a and inspiring wellness program
  • Those who want a customized Ayurveda plan and personalized sessions





My approach is holistic with an in depth Ayurveda approach. It is completely developed around you.

I do NOT offer a general diet plan, instead I offer a personal Yoga Program and a whole body & mind health program which suits your individual body-type and current lifestyle.

I help you set realistic goals which doesn’t involve calorie counting and restriction but healthy add ons.


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Price depends on your location and whether you want to do this face to face or Online via zoom.

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