Yoga weekend  in Marrakech is a 3 night get-away. Enjoy a wonderful weekend in magical Marrakech with its beautiful history, ancient culture and inspiring spirituality. Stay in the historic old town (Medina) in a peaceful Riad, and allow yourself to soak in the charming atmosphere that will take you back in time. Choose your arrival date, […]

How to practice downward dog safely as a beginner or practitioner is crucial to avoid injuries and wrist pain. The pose itself can be challenging, especially if you are stiff around your shoulders and hamstrings. It might look easy but it’s actually quite a complex pose.     If you are a beginner If you’re […]

  Best foods to eat during Ramadan and foods to avoid is a guideline for you if you’re fasting this month. Whatever your reason is to fast during Ramadan, your body and system is going through big changes. From one day to the other the natural life rhythm changes. Food is consumed in late hours […]

Best Yoga Classes in Marrakech Looking for the best Yoga classes in Marrakech? Sally is one of Marrakech’s s most in demand yoga teachers, teaching private and group classes in the city. She is a full-time Yoga Teacher based in Marrakech. With more than 10 years of experience, Sally teaches a blend of gentle Hatha and […]

The top 5 benefits of Sun Salutations in Yoga boosts our mental and physical health. The Sun Salutations practise is a great sequence which energises and strengthens the whole body. I recommend anyone to try this amazing practise. Even if you are a beginner you will benefit from the practise. Always start with a little […]

The key to success in life is health. Without our health we can’t succeed in work, life and in our relationships. With my 4 week Wellness program designed to beat mental stress, anxiety and tension you will learn the power of breath and how it can change your life and increase emotional, physical and spiritual […]

Stretch yourself FIT with my 4 week Tone Up Yoga program, especially developed to strengthen and tone the waistline, lower back, stomach and arms If you’re seeking increased strength, tone and flexibility, more energy and less stress, mental wellbeing and balance you can now have it all in only 4 weeks with my inspiring Tone […]

  Yoga Classes Marrakech STYLE: HATHA (De-stress), VINYASA (Flow/Dynamic), MEDITATION PRIVATE SESSIONS Yoga in Marrakech is a spiritual experience.  I love to teach all levels and design a unique experience for you. Often my customers are complete beginners, so don’t worry if you haven’t tried Yoga before.  I design the class according to your needs. […]

A Yoga Retreat in Morocco is soul inspiring. Morocco has depth and magic, and a rare uniqueness that is hard to find nowadays. I remember when I went to Morocco for the first time. I was blown away! The colours, the magic, the smells, the food, the markets, the mystery.   Morocco – the perfect Yoga […]

Detox Yoga Retreat in Morocco is an all inclusive Detox and Rejuvenation Yoga Retreat.  If you are looking for time to disconnect and give your body a healthy detox with a clean program and 3 lovely and detoxing meals a day, this Retreat is for you. WHAT YOU GET 3 nourishing Ayurveda meals a day (vegan, […]