Author: Sally Goldfinger   These healthy oat pancakes are easy to make. They are nutritious, delicious and immune healthy.  A perfect breakfast. I make my healthy oat pancakes vegan. You can, however, add 1 egg instead to give the oat pancakes a softer texture. Remember: You can adapt and adjust the recipe according to your taste. […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   Setting aside time for yourself is important because it can enhance your emotional, mental and physical health.  You might have neglected yourself lately. Don’t worry. You can change this with a few and simple healthy self-care routines. What matters the most is that you do things, that you actually enjoy to […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   These healthy vegetable patties are a wonderful Ayurveda dish, immune healthy and delicious. They are perfect to eat for lunch or dinner together with rice or a bowl of salad or steamed veggies. You can also use these Ayurveda vegetable patties to make your own homemade burger. I make my Ayurveda […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   THE HEALTHIEST WAY TO DRINK COFFEE AND BLACK TEA Coffee and black tea is enjoyed by people all over the world, every single day. For some people a cup of coffee or a cup of black tea is a ritual, they can’t live without. To me, coffee is my happy pleasure, […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   This perfect Banana Bread is vegan, healthy and delicious. I call it “Sally’s perfect Banana Bread”. It is low on sugar, and super easy to make. You can use a loaf pan but you may also use a round cake pan, if you want it to look more like a cake, […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger     How to best remove bacteria from veggies & fruits Often when we go to the local farmers markets or supermarkets fruits and veggies are out in the open, and being touched by thousands of hands. Stay clean & safe and remember to wash your fruits and veggies properly. It isn not […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger This easy cabbage ginger fry is an immune boosting  Ayurveda Detox dish. It is low on fat and super healthy. It is an easy recipe and you can cook this in 10 minutes. You can enjoy this dish with brown rice or basmati rice. If you have done an Ayurveda Consultation with […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger This healthy low fat cake is easy to make. You can use a loaf pan, then it becomes more of a “banana bread”. You can also use a muffin pan and make muffins from this recipe.  If you want to see the quick 2 minute video, scroll down to the bottom of […]

The Complete Ayurveda Plan – 21 Day Healthy Detox Welcome to your health and welcome to the Complete Ayurveda Plan – 21 Day Healthy Detox! The Complete Ayurveda Plan -21 Day Healthy Detox is a personalised program. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, eat meat, gluten free or a combination of many– I’m here to guide and support you […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   Do you often say yes, when you deep down mean no?    It’s not easy for everyone to express their truest emotions. But it’s something which is crucial to do in order to feel complete and happy with how we live our lives.    When you say yes to things you […]