How yoga can change your life

How Yoga can change your life forever is a true story. One of my customers sent me the above photo earlier today. It made me so happy. I asked if I could share it on my social media and my blog post, and he’s kind reply was “absolutely”.

What is amazing here is that D started Yoga with me several years ago. His first experience was in Fuerteventura when I was based there. He also had a an Ayurveda consultation and since then has done several follow ups and healthy lifestyle adjustments.

D was highly stressed back then. I remember when he came to me the first time – He had severe breakouts of eczema and frequent head aches, low energy levels, totally exhausted. D had a very busy work life – travels every month and often new destinations several times a week. His job was demanding and most of his evenings were spent in hotels. As a result of his lifestyle, D’s body and muscles were tight and stiff.


I made a personal program for D. He had follow ups. Within 1 month his eczema had completely cleared out. Never been back since, he says. He later came back on one of my retreats in Copenhagen. You might remember I did a wonderful 3 night Yoga Get-Away in Cph some years ago. And once more D had sessions with me 1-1 during one of his many travels. He got my Yoga Nidra (deep guided relaxation), which he downloaded and used on his flights and in hotels to calm down and de-stress. He still uses it today, once a week to unwind from daily tasks, he says.






I was so happy to see D’s photo today. A totally changed man. Suddenly super flexible and sitting comfortably on his mat, still loving to play soccer pastedGraphic_1.png🤾🏻‍♂️. D’s story is a lovely example of how Yoga & Ayurveda can change our life. How it can help men and women no matter age or experience.

With a personalized program, dedication from your end and my follow ups and help and guiding, you can have a marvelous light life, long term balance, mental well-being and a powerful health. I am here to help and guide you, whenever you are ready.


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How yoga can change your life


If you are interested in a personal Wellness Program, I can help you:

  • Design an easy lifestyle program that supports you in the long term
  • Develop a holistic Ayurveda nutrition plan
  • Address your individual dosha/bodytype
  • Develop a holistic nutrition plan
  • Address emotional eating
  • Create a 30 day healthy detox if you want a complete 30 day food and health program
  • Supporting you as a whole person


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