Summer is here and temperatures seem to rise day by day. Energetically our fire energy (pitta) is on rise in the summer months.  It is common to feel tired, sluggish and have difficulties sleeping in the warm summer months. Hot climate make us more prone to infections, nausea, skin rashes and insomnia. Summer is the height of “pitta season”and our body easily becomes lethargic and dehydrated. Here are some of my tips on how to stay healthy in the summer:


How to stay healthy in the summer

How to stay healthy in the summer


1. Eat light

To avoid feeling sluggish and heavy because of the heat, always eat light foods. Eat plenty of green vegetables reduce the intake of red veggies. If you suffer from summer skin rashes or excema avoid tomatoes and spicy food.

Vegetables and fruits such as cucumbers, green bell peppers, salad leaves, green peas, green beans, melon, peaches, apples, watermelon to name a few are good choices.

2. Hydrate

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water in the hot summer. However, we often forget to hydrate and the result can be a decrease in energy, constipation, head aches, weakness and irritability. Always have a bottle of water with you whenever you’re out and drink plenty throughout the day.

3. Avoid heat generating foods

Eggs, meat and other high proteins generate heat in the body. These foods are also called “pitta foods” because of their high fire energy. It is difficult for our body to digest such foods in the summer because our digestive fire is low in this season. Another reason to avoid heat generating foods is because it increases heat in the body which can affect our mood, make us more irritable and affect how well we sleep.

4. Exercise less

Physical activity is important for essential health, however in the hot summer months don’t be too hard on yourself. I often see people going for a run in the middle of the day which can do more harm than good. In the heat our hearts are beating faster, and once the body over-heats it can trigger our moods – irritation, impatient, anger.  Being exposed to the harsh sun whilst exercising is not a good combination. It puts pressure on pitta and our body heat rises tremendously. Light physical activity is much better, exercising in the early mornings, or using indoor cooler places rather than engaging in outdoor activities.

5. Keep your home cool

Most people tend to have their windows open and curtains to the side. This will generate more heat in your home. Keep the curtains drawn and close all windows if you’re facing extreme hot temperatures. Avoid using the oven and limit cooking warm meals.

6. Cool down

A quick way to cool down is to take a cold shower. Icepacks around the neck and feet work well too. Eat cooling foods like melons, gelato, salads or cool smoothies. It all helps to reduce body temperature.

Enjoy the summer, and don’t forget to smile and cool down!