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Author: Sally Goldfinger

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5 Foods Not To Eat During Lunch Hours

Lunch is an important meal in the day. For optimal brain performance and body activity, I encourage you to eat lunch between 12-2pm. During these hours your digestive “fire”, also known as “Agni”, in Ayurveda is at its highest. This means your metabolism is high, and your digestive system needs fuel to function well during the day.



  1. Vegetable soups (It is healthy, however, it is too light for lunch and will leave you much hungrier later). You end up attacking your fridge when you come home.
  2. Traditional Italian pasta dish (It is high in glucose and empty in calories which leads to weight gain. Refined carbs will leave you feeling hungry quickly)
  3. Yoghurt with granola or berries (It is too light for lunch hours, and puts off your “fire energy” because there isn’t enough fuel to keep your metabolism going. This meal is more suitable as an afternoon snack. 
  4. Pre-made sandwiches packed in plastic wrap. (The sandwiches often sit for hours in the fridge and soak up the chemical in the plastic. Choose a freshly made sandwich instead, made of fresh ingredients and on whole-wheat or rye-bread. 
  5. Buffet meals (Often you end up overeating. The result is digetsive upset. Over-eating causes an increase in Kapha energy (heavy energy) in the body, and instead of feeling energised, you end up feeling tired and unproductive. 



Discomfort in the stomach is often connected to eating to quickly because you rush your lunch or eating too much because of stress eating. The best way to avoid  discomfort in the stomach during lunch hours is to:

  • Eat slowly. Chew your food well.
  • Eat mindfully. Taste your food. 
  • Eat peacefully. Away from your work desk and away from your phone.
  • Eat healthily. Choose wholesome foods and stop when you feel a comfortable level of fullness. 


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