I love to bake and many of you have asked me to share one of my recipes. I bake intuitively and therefore it is hard for me to be very precise with my ingredients. But I always try to write down what I do when a cake comes out well. My dream is to create […]

     When Month Dates December 2018 23-29  2017 SPECIAL OFFER: Book before 15 October 2018 and receive 100€ discount! Accommodation/Price Single room/private bathroom en-suite: €1575 Double/Twin room/private bathroom  en-suite: €990 per person       The price includes: The price does not include: 6 night’s Accommodation in luxury Riad Towels Daily Yoga classes Daily […]

Ayurveda literally means “science of life”. It is the oldest system of medical health which origins from India. Ayurveda looks at the body as a whole, and it looks at the root cause of a disease before a cure is determined. Ayurveda teaches us that a disease or imbalance often begins when we don’t live […]

How Yoga can change your life forever is a true story. One of my customers sent me the above photo earlier today. It made me so happy. I asked if I could share it on my social media and my blog post, and he’s kind reply was “absolutely”. What is amazing here is that D […]

The Complete Ayurveda Plan – 30 Day Healthy Detox Welcome to your health and welcome to the Complete Ayurveda Plan – 30 Day Healthy Detox! The Complete Ayurveda Plan -30 Day Healthy Detox is a personalised program. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, eat meat, gluten free or a combination of many– I’m here to guide and support you […]

  Yoga weekend  in Marrakech is a 3 night get-away. Enjoy a wonderful weekend in magical Marrakech with its beautiful history, ancient culture and inspiring spirituality. Stay in the historic old town (Medina) in a peaceful Riad, and allow yourself to soak in the charming atmosphere that will take you back in time. Choose your arrival date, […]

How to stay healthy with type 2 Diabetes doesn’t require difficult lifestyle adjustments. Eating healthy and eating right is simple. It is also a priority. However, diabetes is on rise all over the world. It is ranked at the top of chronic diseases, a disease that threatens the global health.   According to the International […]

How to practice downward dog safely as a beginner or practitioner is crucial to avoid injuries and wrist pain. The pose itself can be challenging, especially if you are stiff around your shoulders and hamstrings. It might look easy but it’s actually quite a complex pose.     If you are a beginner If you’re […]

  Best foods to eat during Ramadan and foods to avoid is a guideline for you if you’re fasting this month. Whatever your reason is to fast during Ramadan, your body and system is going through big changes. From one day to the other the natural life rhythm changes. Food is consumed in late hours […]

Best Yoga Classes in Marrakech Looking for the best Yoga classes in Marrakech? Sally is one of Marrakech’s s most in demand yoga teachers, teaching private and group classes in the city. She is a full-time Yoga Teacher based in Marrakech. With more than 10 years of experience, Sally teaches a blend of gentle Hatha and […]