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5 ways to recharge your energy

5 ways to recharge your energy

Feeling sluggish and a bit low? Sometimes we simply have days where we feel uninspired, heavy and out of focus.

Here are my 5 ways to recharge your energy:


  • Don’t snooze: Get up before before 9am (also on your weekends). The longer you snooze, the heavier you will feel when you get up. This heaviness will stay with you all day! When you feel moody and low, you really need to make sure to get out of bed before 9am. Trust me, the longer you stay in bed, the worse you will feel. This is because your Kapha energy has kicked in. It is a vicious circle, so get out of bed and brighten up your day with good things


  • Eat balanced: When you skip meals, you create imbalance in your system.  You might not feel hungry in the morning or at lunch time, but once you start skipping a meal, you will end up over-eating later in the day. Your system needs food to maintain balance. When you skip meals, you most probably end up snacking all day. When we snack all day, the body never gets what it really needs – balance! To avoid feeling sluggish and low, eat well and think happy colors on your food plate!




  • Move: Don’t want to feel like a sleepy bear all day? Get moving! Go for a walk. It always helps. Incorporate a little yoga routine at home. To boost your energy, practise any kind of Yoga that agrees with you (gentle, core, strong). Practise 3 times a week. It doesn’t have to be a full hour. You will feel great even with a short practise. Remember, it’s not about how much you do, but it’s about moving and stretching! Start your morning with gentle moves to wake up your body and mind. You will feel so much better.


  • Brighten up your life: Maybe it’s time for a little break? When we overwork ourselves, the body breaks down. The first signs are often low energy, sluggishness, mood swings, bad sleep, stress-eating, anxiety. It is time to do something good to yourself! If you need a bit of help and inspiration to get out of stuck energy, you can check out my Ayurveda packages here


Slim down food


  • Get social: Open up your curtains. Look at the world! Get some light in. Meet with a good friend. Go to a cafe. Rise up, and make an effort. Share a meal with a friend. Positive social connections lights up your heart. You will feel great and uplifted when you surround yourself with lovely people. Brighten up your life with happiness, always!


Love and light,

Sally XX

5 ways to recharge your energy