Author: Sally Goldfinger


Do you often say yes, when you deep down mean no? 

It’s not easy for everyone to express their truest emotions. But it’s something which is crucial to do in order to feel complete and happy with how we live our lives. 
When you say yes to things you don’t really want or don’t have time or energy to do:
1. You disrespect yourself 
2. You are not real 
3. You put yourself last 
When you express your needs you actually relive a lot of at stress from yourself. Because it’s stressful to always say yes when you don’t feel it’s a yes. And it’s stressful and unhealthy to suppress your emotions. 
Nobody knows how you feel. Only you do. No one can guess what you think. Only you do. Self expression will free you and it will free everyone around you too. 
You are not a better friend or a better partner or a better business collaborator or a better work colleague if you always say yes and try to please others all the time. In fact, it makes you fake. It’s disloyal. 
So next time someone asks you a question verbally or via a text message, answer honestly. Don’t ignore it. Don’t say something which isn’t from your heart. Don’t say yes, when you mean no. Say no, when you feel it’s no. The truth never hurts. Lies do. The hiding does. 
Level up and strive to become a better human every single day. Life is too short for bullshit. 
Speak your truth, always
Sally Goldfinger