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Anxiety Relief


If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, you might feel it has intensified during the last many months of the corona pandemic. Perhaps you don’t feel anxious about life at all, and every aspect of your life is going smoothly. That is fantastic.

However, if you notice one of the following symptoms, you might be dealign with anxiety:

  • Persistent worry for seemingly no reason all the time
  • Disturbances in your patterns of sleeping or eating
  • Problems concentrating
  • Anxiety about your health and that of your loved ones
  • An increase or worsening of mental health conditions
  • An increase in the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs


In Ayurveda we also see physical symptoms of anxiety that can include:

  • Headaches or an increase in migraines
  • Nausea and sweating
  • Muscle tension or muscle ache
  • Shortness of breath or a rapid heartbeat


Self-care anxiety management is helpful when the body is stressed. Anxiety usually happens when you experience intense life events. Not everyone will experience anxiety concerns because we all react to stress differently. I personally don’t have anxiety issues, but I definitely feel pressured, tired and mentally exhausted, because of the changes I am facing in my life, in particular my work situation. The global 2020 pandemic has sucked my energy down and made it extremely difficult to go on with my business as usual.


If you feel anxious these days, my best Ayurvedic advice for you is this: Try not to hide your emotions and suppress yourself. Be vulnerable and open about your struggles. And make sure you make time for self care:

  • Turn off: Turn off the news stations, especially in the evening as it might affect your nervous system. News reports can start catastrophic thoughts and dramatically increase your anxiety.
  • Mental break: Give yourself a mental break and listen to a relaxing music or a soothing meditation for anxiety to help calm down your nervous system
  • Stay rational: Ask yourself “What is the worst thing that can happen to me”? “Why am I so worried all the time?
  • Breathe: Take 5 deep breaths every 3 hours and use my simple breathing method HERE
  • Use calming smells. In Ayurveda we recommend sweet smells such as: vanilla, orange blossom, lavender or sandalwood
  • Use gentle touch. Rub almond oil around your neck and shoulders. You can mix a drop of essential oil and gently massage your neck



There is no perfect “advice” that can be given to completely remove anxiety, however my aim is to provide you with some strategies to at least lessen the amount of anxiety, stress, and perhaps paranoia that you may be feeling:

  • Identify what your thoughts and concerns, and write them down.
  • Have a weekly or monthly holistic coach to help you. Someone you can share your inner emotions with, and perhaps someone who can keep you accountable so you know that you won’t delay the things which are important for your health ( breathing sessions, holistic Ayurveda coaching, private online yoga once a week,).
  • Accept that you can’t do it alone. Often, we need a coach or a mentor to keep us in check.
  • Notice if your anxiety is realistic? Do you always worry about things?


If you are looking for Holistic Mentorship with an Ayurvedic Approach, I offer:

IN DEPTH / 1 month/ weekly sessions. You can also book 2 months.

HOLISTIC COACHING is perfect for you if struggle with the following concerns: 

  • Anxiety
  • Self Hate
  • Not happy in your body and mind
  • Confusion
  • Low energy
  • Moodiness
  • Sluggishness
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional Eating
  • Weight gain
  • Excessive cravings
  • Destructive habits which leaves you frustrated
  • Stuck and in need of clarity





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