Author: Sally Goldfinger   Do you often say yes, when you deep down mean no?    It’s not easy for everyone to express their truest emotions. But it’s something which is crucial to do in order to feel complete and happy with how we live our lives.    When you say yes to things you […]

Author: Sally Goldfinger   5 Foods Not To Eat During Lunch Hours Lunch is an important meal in the day. For optimal brain performance and body activity, I encourage you to eat lunch between 12-2pm. During these hours your digestive “fire”, also known as “Agni”, in Ayurveda is at its highest. This means your metabolism […]

How Yoga can change your life forever is a true story. One of my customers sent me the above photo earlier today. It made me so happy. I asked if I could share it on my social media and my blog post, and he’s kind reply was “absolutely”. What is amazing here is that D […]

How to understand the principles of Ayurveda: Cure your Imbalance and learn more. Ayurveda literally means “science of life”. It is the oldest system of medical health which origins from India. Ayurveda looks at the body as a whole, and it looks at the root cause of a disease before a cure is determined. Ayurveda […]

We see canned food everywhere. Supermarkets around the world are filled with canned foods. Cafe’s serve canned tuna on salads, on pasta and in sandwiches. Households use canned tomatoes and busy people throw canned chickpeas or canned beans into a “healthy” homemade salad. What are the dangers of eating canned foods Whenever people ask me about […]

  Ayurveda Banana & Chocolate Cake – Vegan I love to bake and many of you have asked me to share one of my recipes. I bake intuitively and therefore it is hard for me to be very precise with my ingredients. But I always try to write down what I do when a cake […]

How to cure type 2 Diabetes doesn’t require difficult lifestyle adjustments. Eating healthy and eating right is simple. It is also a priority. However, diabetes is on rise all over the world. It is ranked at the top of chronic diseases, a disease that threatens the global health.   According to the International Federation of […]

Yoga Retreat organised by Sally Goldfinger Easter Yoga Retreat 2019 Marrakech Enjoy 4 nights in Marrakech, daily rooftop Yoga classes, get inspired, connect and have fun. When 19-23 April 2019 Accommodation/Price Single room/private bathroom en-suite: €769 Double/Twin room/private bathroom  en-suite: €650 per person Highlights 4 nights accommodation in luxury Riad, single room ensuite bathroom (it […]

Healthy Things to do in Marrakech is an inspiring way to connect with other people who are visiting Marrakech and who wish to avoid the typical tourist foods, but prefer to enjoy authentic healthy meals in a home environment, to share food together, and enjoy food made with love. GET SOCIAL – It’s all about […]