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Top 5 healthy Ayurveda foods are super easy to get. I am a foodie, and I love the smell of food made with love, fresh baked bread and sweet cinnamon. Food brings a lot of sensations to our body and mind. Food is life and should be enjoyed. Make food your best friend. Respect your body and fuel it with healthy, delicious and natural foods.


Eating healthy foods is not difficult. You can make small and few changes without having to stand hours in your kitchen.

Here are top 5 healthy foods:

1. Oats – I love oats. Make your own muesli by adding seeds, nuts and dry fruits. Voila, you have a lovely breakfast within minutes. Oats are a great source of fiber and vitamin B.


2. Carrots – I enjoy these beauties. Enjoy them cooked in the winter and have them raw in the summer. Make a carrot salad or steam them, and pour olive oil, sea salt and oregano on top. So tasty!


3. Rye bread – Yummy. I grew up with rye bread and still go a long way to find rye bread when I am abroad. Rye bread is filling, full of fiber, and a great snack! If you can’t get rye bread then chose 100% whole-wheat bread.


4. Almonds -Delicious! I eat almonds every single day! I use almonds on my oats in the morning, as a snack in the afternoon and always have a bag of almonds with me on my travels. Almonds are packed with calcium and protein. Enjoy them!


5. Chickpeas – Oh yes! Can’t get enough of those guys. Throw them in your salad, or have them on its own – sprinkle fresh parsley, olive oil, cumin powder and sea salt on top. Vupti, you have a quick chickpea snack ready!


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