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 Ayurvedic Tongue Reading for Personalised Healing



Ayurvedic Tongue Reading




Revolutionising Holistic Nutrition with Individualised Ayurveda

In the realm of holistic well-being, I, as a professional Ayurvedic nutritionist, bring you a personalised and accessible approach to Ayurvedic consultations. No more lengthy Zoom calls; I value your time and offer a streamlined process for your convenience.



The Power of Ayurvedic Tongue Reading


Discover the art of Ayurvedic tongue reading, a powerful diagnostic tool that provides insights into your unique body type/body-constitution, inner health, disease prevention and imbalances. In just a few simple steps, you can share your tongue photos and complete a comprehensive questionnaire that I email you and you then send back to me.

After 1 day you receive your analysis. I also offer you  3 day unlimited support where you can ask me anything (via voice messages, email or text messages).

If you want a fully comprehensive guideline, completely tailored to your unique needs and health goals with  30 days of unlimited support via email or WhatsApp (you preferred communication app) , go for the package HERE 

Or book the small packages (budget friendly) for only 55€ HERE


ayurvedic consultations

Your Wellness, Your Way


Embrace flexibility in communication. Choose between WhatsApp voice, messages, or written updates, tailored to your preferences. I adapt to your schedule and ensure a stress-free experience throughout your wellness journey.



Why Choose a Solo Professional?

Unlike large companies, I am a dedicated solo practitioner, focusing on providing individualised care, not a standard that fits all.


Areas I cover with Ayurvedic Tongue Diagnosis: 

  • Organ health (especially kidney and liver, intestines)
  • I check for Vata, Pitta, or Kapha imbalances
  • Examine the condition of your digestive system
  • I look for presence of toxins and where they are accumulating
  • Evaluation of thyroid health
  • Examine of signs of anemia
  • Identify absorption of nutrients or potential malabsorption issues
  • Identify inflammation levels in the body

As a holistic nutritionist specialising in Ayurveda, I offer a personal touch to your wellness journey, ensuring your unique needs are met with precision.


Ready to Embrace Wellness Throguh Ayurvedic Tongue Reading?

Take the next step towards a healthier you. Click the link HERE to book your Ayurvedic consultation or reach out if you have any questions. Your well-being awaits!

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