Tongue Reading



Discover Hidden Truths With Ayurvedic Tongue Reading – Book Now for Clarity!

A transformative tongue reading experience. Your tongue is the mirror to your inner health. I check:

    • Your Body-Type
    • Toxic Accumulation (if any)
    • Organ health (especially kidney and liver, intestines)
    • I check for Vata, Pitta, or Kapha imbalances
    • Examine the condition of your digestive system
    • I look for presence of toxins and where they are accumulating
    • Evaluation of thyroid health
    • Examine of signs of anemia
    • Identify absorption of nutrients or potential malabsorption issues
    • Identify inflammation levels in the body
    • Vitamin deficiency (if any)



Complete payment (secure online payment), I send you an email confirmation, then you send me 2 tongue photos via email or whatsapp for me to check your tongue. After 1 day you receive your analysis. I also offer you  3 day unlimited support where you can ask me anything (via voice messages, email or text messages).