Mini Ayurveda Consultation (40 minutes)


Mini Ayurveda Consultation is for anyone who needs to: 

  • Get the tongue checked (tongue diagnosis via 2 photos you send me)
  • Have a quick follow up
  • Check in – If you have done a full consultation in the past and want to re-connect
  • Have new nutrition and/or dosha-body-type follow ups
  • Ask about vitamins, minerals for their dosha/ body-type and current health struggles
  • Have a a holistic view on recent blood tests

A Mini Ayurveda Consultation is a great way to check in and get new guidance and/or suggestions for your ongoing health journey.

The Mini Ayurveda Consultation is conducted via Zoom or Google Meet video call.

This Mini Consultation lasts 40 minutes and cost 55€

Please Note, the price includes 20% vat, tax and online payment transaction fees