Healthy With Ayurveda


TOP 10 recipes to help support your digestive system, nourish your body and help with Vata dosha, cold hands & feet or Vata imbalance.

What does Vata imbalance mean?
It’s an imbalance which I often see in my clients and this is why I’ve created this E-book.

The signs of Vata imbalance are:

* Irregular sleep
* Stomach bloating
* Dry skin
* Dry lips
* Pale and uneven tongue with coating
* Constipation
* Cracking joints
* Arthritis
* Restlessness

To balance out Vata, it’s very important to eat foods that support this body type, also known as “Vata dosha”. All my recipes are soothing for Vata and also perfect if you struggle with bloating and need inspiration for warm nourishing meals.

The recipes can be enjoyed both at lunch and dinner time. No long preparation. No complicated ingredients.