28 Day Plant-Based Meal Plan / 30 recipes + full 4 weekly grocery shopping lists



Great for Weight Loss. All of the recipes are plant-based. However, if you prefer to include chicken or fish or eggs in your diet, you can substitute some of the ingredients to align with your dietary preferences. Regardless of your dietary preferences, incorporating more plant-based meals into your 3 meals a day, you can create a well-rounded and nutritious diet that supports your weight loss goals!

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If you want to feel healthier or are looking for more ways to pack more greens into your diet, my 28 day plant-based meal plan with 30 recipes is for you!

This 28 day plant-based Meal Plan is an Ebook (Pdf High Format). It includes 30 recipes with images, a full 28 day meal plan, 4 week grocery shopping list (a shopping list for each week), a cover page, ingredients, directions and nutritional value.


28 Day Vegan Meal PLan with 4 week Full Grocery shopping list

The Meal Plan is presented in an easy weekly calendar format. You find the plan at the end of the Ebook and you can print it out, should you wish to do so.

EXTRA: This Ebook includes 4 weekly grocery shopping lists!