dairy and meat in ayurveda

Dairy and meat in Ayurveda

I often get questions about meat and dairy when I talk about health, food and Ayurveda lifestyle. There isn’t one answer to whether dairy and meat is bad for you. However, there is plenty of research that shows that a diet high in dairy and meat (beef, pork and lamb) is associated with the increase of the risk of cancer.

In terms of imbalances of the bodily systems, I personally often see these common imbalances when someone books an Ayurveda Consultation with me:

Digestive problems

Inflammation of the sinuses

Sinus pressure or sinus headaches

Bad skin

Joint inflammation


Acid reflux

When I touch base with clients after 3 months it is clear to see that when the client has reduced meat and dairy from their diet or removed it completely for 1-3 months, many of the above symptoms disappear. The skin becomes more clear, inflammation decreases, mucus accumulation decreases, acid reflux disappears and energy level rises.

meat and dairy

Reduce sluggishness

Meat and dairy are considered heavy in Ayurveda. It increases Kapha but can also increase the acidity level in the body, which aggravates pitta dosha/the pitta body constitution. When the body feels sluggish it can be a sign that the system is overloaded (toxins). It may also be a sign of a Kapha imbalance. For someone who is pre-dominant Pitta, a diet high in meat and dairy can cause inflammation in the joints.

To maintain a healthy and balanced body, I suggest to go “meat free” 3 times a week. Increase cooked or steamed vegetables and get your protein from pulses such as chickpeas, beans and lentils. They are a great and healthy source of protein. If you love dairy, then make sure you choose organic yogurt, eggs and cheese. I don’t recommend anyone to eat dairy products every day because of it’s high fat content. Most non-organic dairy products are full of pesticides and the last thing you want to do is to pollute your body with chemicals.


If you feel sluggish, low on energy and chronically tired, I suggest you to remove dairy, pork, lamb and beef from your diet for at least one month. Increase wholefoods, grains and foods with energy and colors.

I suggest the following 5 things if you feel sluggish:

1. Ginger, include ginger in your food or tea, especially in the winter months
2. Cumin and fennel, include these spices to enhance digestion
3. Yogic breathing, alternate nostril breathing will help energize you system
4. Reduce meat and dairy for at least 1 month
5. Go to bed before midnight, wake up no later than 7.30am

If you are curious to know more about your individual dosha (body type), and/or imbalances and what you can do to reduce stomach bloating, constipation, sluggishness, acidity, restlessness or any other lifestyle imbalance, feel free to email me and ask me a question related to how you feel. From here you can book an online Ayurveda health consultation (Skype), or book one directly with me on one of my Retreats. You can also reach me when I run an Ayurveda Workshop in your area.

Stay healthy and happy,

Dairy and meat: An Ayurvedic perspective