This is an inspiring workshop where you get to understand your inner health.

Your tongue is the mirror to your health. What does your tongue say?

This workshop covers:

  • What your tongue says about your current heath
  • Is your tongue healthy or dirty?
  • The reason why your tongue is uneven
  • What are the signs of poor digestive health
  • What happens to your tongue when you get sick
  • What are the first signs of an imbalance that shows on your tongue
  • Why your tongue health matters
  • How to know if your partner or date is a good match – it is all about the tongue!

Wellbeing & Ayurveda Talk.

The talk is 2 hours and covers the following:
Talks on Ayurveda Nutritional Health, Anxiety, Lifestyle Stresses, Body Types and how to prevent serious imbalances using the principles of Ayurveda.

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Introduction to Ayurveda
The Doshas (body types)
Nutritional Health
Detox, yes or no?
Ayurveda Diet
Weight gain and weight loss

Anxiety disorders
Food control without calorie counting
Fasting, yes or no?
How to understand an imbalance
How to cure and imbalance
Longterm health and well-being

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