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Online Ayurveda Consultations




Welcome to my specialised online Ayurveda consultation services! As a dedicated Ayurvedic nutritionist with 16 years of experience, I offer personalised packages to help you achieve optimal health and well-being. Unlike larger companies, I work individually with each client, providing a tailored approach that suits your unique needs.




One-Hour Online Ayurveda Consultation


I offer is a comprehensive one-hour consultation conducted through a video call. During this session, we will discuss your health concerns.  I will provide you with a complete customised health guideline, delivered to you within two days after the consultation.  This will give you ample time to absorb the information and make the necessary adjustments. Additionally, I offer a tongue analysis, where you can send me photos via email or WhatsApp, whichever media you prefer.

This package includes a 30-day unlimited support feature, allowing you to contact me through WhatsApp, email, or both. You can ask me questions, share product photos, send blood test results, and seek guidance whenever you need it. I am also pleased to provide you with customised recipes based on your diet preferences.


What does the Online Ayurveda Consultation Include


One-hour Online Ayurveda Consultation: 125€: This month discount offer: 87€


  • Personalised consultation conducted via video call
  • Complete customised health guideline delivered within two days
  • Tongue analysis: Send two photos via email or WhatsApp
  • 30-day unlimited support: Contact me through Whatsapp or email for questions, product photos, blood test results, and more
  • Receive tailored advice to support your unique health goals
  • Customised recipes available upon request
  • Vitamin and mineral suggestions upon request
  • Expert knowledge: Benefit from my extensive expertise in Ayurveda and nutrition
  • Ask me anything: Feel free to ask me any questions you have during the 30 day unlimited support!





Mini Online Ayurveda Consultation


Additionally, I offer a Mini Online Ayurveda Consultation package. This option is suitable for those who require a tongue analysis and want to learn about their body type or dosha. It is also ideal for individuals who have previously had a consultation and need assistance with vitamin and mineral support, or wish to gain a holistic view on recent blood test results. This package does not include a video call, but communication is facilitated through WhatsApp, voice messages, and/or email. While it does not offer the same level of customer assistance and personalised guidance as the full consultation package, it provides valuable support for three days.


Mini Online Ayurveda Consultation: 55€:  This month special offer: 35€ 


  • Tongue analysis
  • Body-type/dosha assessment
  • Vitamin deficiency support
  • Check in after a previous consultation: If you have done a full consultation in the past and need a check in
  • New nutrition and/or dosha-body-type follow ups
  • Ask me anything
  • Unlimited support for 3 days
  • Guidance on vitamins and minerals based on your specific dosha/ body-type
  • Receive tailored advice on your unique health goals
  • Get a holistic view on your recent blood tests
  • Receive vitamin deficiency support
  • WhatsApp voice messages where I check in with you and you can share whatever you wish to share with me




Whether you opt for the comprehensive consultation or the mini package, I am committed to helping you regain balance, improve energy levels, address bloating or other physical and emotional concerns, and enhance your overall well-being.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to get started on your journey towards optimal health through online Ayurveda consultations. Email/ Whatsapp me HERE or BOOK right now.



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