Why you shouldn’t trust what your mind tells you is easier said than done. The mind creates stories in your head. If you are wise, you know that you shouldn’t always listen to what your mind tells you. It’s a great storyteller! Before you know it, you have created a series of horror movies in your head, and you might start to believe in them!

The mind is great at telling lies. Basically this is how the mind deals with fear. Fear is not really a part of you. It is not even you. It is a story that your mind has created. The biggest burden you can carry inside of you is fear. Today’s research says that stress is number one disease in today’s world. I would say that fear is one of the biggest diseases too. Fear can lead to anxiety and stress. It can also increase the risk of panic attacks and insomnia. 

Why you shouldn't trust what tour mind tells you

Fear is something we create ourselves. Next time your mind begins to make stories in your head, try to take a step back before you communicate out to people. Make sure you know what you actually fear and what stories your mind has created. Then communicate that fear out instead of creating more horror stories in your head. Your life and relationships will become so much more positive when you have the courage to communicate your fear. It’s absolutely fine to have fear. We all experience moments where the mind has taken over and made up different stories and scenarios about our life, love and future. The best thing to do is to face it and accept it. Listen to what is going on inside of you. What stories is your mind telling you? Is it a fear that is related to a relationship? Do you feel fear when you think about traveling alone? Do you fear losing a loved one? Are you seeing someone and analysing every little detail? Do you fear that the person might walk away from you, that you are not good enough? Do you fear your Boss? Do you have fear of failure? What is your actual fear?

Calm down and get your focus back

Pay attention, listen and do NOT take action yet. Calm down, breathe deeply and get your focus back. When we feel calm and balanced on the inside, it is much easier to understand the stories of our mind and where it is all coming from. Acknowledge if you have fear. If you don’t, you soon end up assuming things or situations that aren’t true. Fear is a story that your mind has created. It is up to you if you want to believe in that story or not!

Much love,