• Delicious vegan meals for Wellness Events
  • Nutritious food for team-building events or social events
  • De-Stress Yoga + Mindfullness for all levels
  • Restaurants / Cafes in need of new inspiring menus
  • All cuisines and events looking to improve their menus and meals can be catered.
I create and provide healthy wellness programs and delicious vegan menus with high nutritional values for restaurants, offices, cafe’s, hotels, hospitals, clinics, workplaces and schools here and abroad.
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Planning a Wellness or Yoga Event? Looking for someone who can create delicious and healthy breakfasts, salads and snacks? Or teach Yoga?   Contact me for details
  • For any corporative, team-building events or social events in need of healthy and delicious vegan food
  • Healthy meals and desserts can be created
  • Private Yoga + Mindfullness sessions



  • For anyone looking to improve their health, nutrition and lifestyle
  • Hotel owners looking to improve their menu and offer tasty vegan meals
  • Cafe & Restaurants in need of inspiring vegan menus
I can create a wide variety of meal plans that can cater for:
  • Plant-Based
  • Vegetarian
  • Wholefoods Vegan
  • Raw Vegan
  • Vegan desserts
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