Nowadays, being gluten-free and gluten intolerant has become an epidemic. Bread is often demonised as a bad carbohydrate which make us sick and destroys our digestive track. That’s simply not true. It is true that some people react to bread, and some people suffer from celiac disease ( a hereditary autoimmune condition that affects roughly 1 percent of the American population. People with severe celiac imbalance must avoid gluten.


In reality most of us can digest bread really well. In fact, a recent study found that 86% of people who believed they were gluten allergic, could tolerate gluten and bread. The problem isn’t bread and if you’re someone who bloats after eating bread it’s usually because of:

  1. Low quality bread 
  2. White refined flour used in the bread making
  3. Industrial supermarket bread
  4. Bleach in the flour 
  5. Emulsifiers (often used in bread to improve the size of bubbles in the bread dough) 

Most bread today is made of “high speeding” mixes and emulsifiers, which means that the there’s less protein in the wheat. If you are someone who buys sandwiches on the go,  panini on the go or bread in a local bakery, you can be sure that the bread is of low quality wheat with preservatives to keep the bread moist. Unless you get your bread from a good organic bakery that makes rustic rye bread and good quality sour dough bread. 


A lot of the bakery ingredients nowadays are not a part of a normal human diet, which often is the reason to why people bloat, and then think they are gluten intolerant. It’s rarely bread you react too, but more likely to the type of bread you consume (low quality wheat, quick production methods, overuse of yeast and emulsifiers). 

Next time you eat bread, be aware of what bread you consume and where it’s been produced. If you react to the bread you eat and it doesn’t feel healthy for your system, then bring your own bread to work or buy bread from a good quality bakery. Best bread for human health is always: 100% rye read, barley bread, whole-wheat and sourdough bread. If you have done tests which shows you are celiac, then avoid bread, and choose a diet which feels good and easy on your digestion. 

The truth about bread


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