the best way to strengthen your lower back

The best way to strengthen your lower back

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints in our modern time. It is a common condition that affects both women and men, young and old. Back pain can affect our overall health and wellbeing, and is often related to:

Bad posture

Long work hours (desk job or standing, driving)

Weak back muscles

Weak abdominal muscles

Heavy weight lifting

Emotional stress

Nobody should walk around and feel lower back pain on a daily basis. If you suffer from lower back pain, don’t ignore it. If we don’t take care of our back, the pain can become chronic. The best way to strengthen your lower back is to start taking good care of it, from today!

I recommend everyone to take care of their back, and you can do this with few and very simple movements. If you suffer from stiffness in the lower back, or feel tight and tense in your lower back when you wake up in the morning or after a long day at work, it is time to give your back some real love and care. Here are my tips on how to maintain a healthy and strong lower back:

Healthy Lower Back Routine

1. First thing in the morning: Stretch your lower back. You can do this with simple moves on your bed. When time allows, take 10 min out of your day and follow my easy lower back Yoga practise here.

2. If your workday is mainly behind a desk, make sure that you stand up every 1-2 hours. It is a MUST to get up from your desk every 1-2 hours because the position of being seated on a chair for long, results in bad circulation and pressure on the lumbar disks.

3. Walk, stretch, move, drink a coffee, have a tea – do anything that takes you out of the chair!

4. If your work is related to being on your legs for many hours a day, it is important to give yourself breaks. Make sure you find time to sit down, have your lunch seated and respect that your body needs love and care. Standing for hours and hours is hard on your lower back. Make sure you wear good shoes with support, watch your posture and always stand straight. Never lean to one side (resting on one leg), this can cause imbalance, and damage the lower back on long term.

5. Keep your back strong and healthy. We tend to forget to take care of our lower back. Make it a priority to incorporate a little healthy lower back routine to keep your back strong and balanced. Start today with my Yoga for Back Strength. Start easy and build up with time. You don’t have to do the whole routine in one go. You can start with 2 minutes, and always do as much as you can. If you follow the Yoga for Back Strength 2-3 times a week you will feel the difference real soon.

Take care of your lower back and treat it well.


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