Skinny latte?

“One skinny latte to go, please”. I remember standing in a coffee bar in central London years ago and when I heard the woman in front of me asking for a “skinny latte”, I didn’t have a clue what that was?! I never heard of “skinny latte”. Later I found out that a “skinny latte” means that the milk is skimmed, basically non-fat milk. I have been around the world, lived in different countries and I like to taste a good cup of coffee when I know it’s made with love. I always choose local small coffee bars and make sure to avoid large coffee chains. Not only does the coffee taste bad but is made in a rush and thrown over the counter. I appreciate when people take their time and really put all their passion in making a good cup of coffee!

I often get the question from my students: Sally, do you drink coffee? Is this Ayurvedic?

There are months when I don’t fancy coffee at all, and then there are days where I really enjoy a nice milky coffee. Sometimes I even enjoy coffee every day. People tend to frown at me when they see me drink coffee.  Do Yoga teachers drink coffee? Very often I hear a sigh of relief when people realize that there is no problem (for me there isn’t) about enjoying a good cup of coffee.

In Northern Europe there is a particular obsession about “skinny latte”. I myself do prefer milk with less fat when I drink a latte or cappuccino, but I don’t obsess about it. In most parts of South Europe you can forget about “skinny latte”. There is no such thing as “skinny latte”. You have one milk to choose from – full fat milk, take it or leave it!

I don’t think I ever heard a Spanish or Italian asking for “skinny latte”. In Spain and in Italy you get your cappuccino served in a nice small cup. Here they know how to enjoy the little things. In North Europe you almost drown when you order a cappuccino. The size of even a small or medium coffee is as big as a bath tub (I know I am exaggerating but you get my point), and it is not entirely wrong to say that a café latte in North Europe may contain up to ½ liter of milk. No wonder that so many people suffer from digestive problems, stomach pain and bloating. All that milk is of course no good for anyone. But a little creamy cup of good quality coffee is not harmful, unless you are allergic to dairy.

I remember one of the first times when I got served a cappuccino in Italy, I was so disappointed when I saw the size of the cup. I was used to my big mug of coffee! With time I got used to it and now I cannot think about drinking a “super size” latte.

I believe that less is more. When we enjoy the little things with full awareness, the body is happy and we don’t crave “the stuff that isn’t good for us”. When we obsess about calories and keep worrying about the coffee we just drank, then the whole system will suffer. Sometimes, letting go of control is the best way to enjoy life. And if that involves a good coffee, enjoy it! But have it the Italian way, and remember that less is more!