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This Mini Consultation includes 3 days of support and guidance:  55€


A Mini Ayurveda Consultation is a great way to check in and get new guidance and/or suggestions for your ongoing health journey. If you feel off and need me to check your tongue. If you feel low on energy, bloated, physically and/or emotionally unwell, and need to get back to balance again.

The Mini Ayurveda Consultation does not include a video call consultation, but we  communicate via WhatsApp messages,  voice messages or email, and you have my full support for 3 days to get you back on track.

If you want a more profound consultation  that includes a customised guideline, check my other offers HERE


How it works:

  • Pay the session, online
  • I will contact you, you are also welcome to contact me
  • Send me a WhatsApp or email
  • I will ask for 2 tongue photos
  • We communicate so I get an idea what is going on for you and what you need help with
  • You get my action plan



Please Note, the price includes 20% vat, tax and all online payment transaction fees

This consultation DOES NOT include a customised 15-17 page guideline.


The price includes 20% vat, tax and credit card/transaction fees