We are living in a world where everyone seems to talk about focusing on our passions and living our dreams. Some “experts” even claim that when you find your passion you can do it for the rest of your life and make a living out of it. What I think is missing in the whole “go find your passion pep talk” is: – many people do NOT know what their passion is and don’t know what they really want in life. If you are one of them that doesn’t mean you have a miserable life. You don’t have to proof anything to the world, your friends, your society or surroundings. Just stay true to yourself and you will be living your dreams sooner than you think

You might have a job that isn’t your deepest passion but generally you are happy and content with what you do, and that is great. You might be a receptionist working for a big company, loving what you do or maybe not loving what you. Your mind might be telling you that you should go and live your dream but who says you have to go live your dream? DO you really want to? If not, then don’t get frustrated about it. Whatever you do is great! You might love playing tennis but that doesn’t mean you have to make a career change and become a tennis coach (unless you really want to). You might love art and you might even love to paint but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your job and start painting on Piazza Navona in Rome (unless you really want to). You might love to snow board but that doesn’t mean have to move to the Swiss Alps and live there for the rest of your life (unless you really want to). You get my point?

I do believe that doing things that make us happy and that we feel passionate about is the way forward. However, that doesn’t mean the whole world has to turn their passion into their job. We need to be realistic too. Maybe you love to travel and explore new things but you have a big family or a child that needs you, so you can’t just take the next flight to the Amazon and become a tour guide hiking through the jungle. You might love to sing but that doesn’t mean you have to become a Professional singer. Never stop singing or doing what you love to do. You can still live your passion and enjoy what you like the most without jumping into a new career path (unless you really want to). Be proud of what you do, no matter what you do! As I always say: The world needs you! And if you don’t know what your passion is, don’t worry. Just because someone loves to make changes all the time (changing jobs, doing extreme sports, travel to one place from the other) doesn’t mean that you have to do the same (unless you really want to). Maybe you are that person who likes routine and feels good about staying in the “comfort zone” because that works great for you. If that’s the case – great, just stay there. You might have been in the same job for many years and if that gives you a sense of security and contentment, then stay there. You might have a big apartment or a nice house, your monthly expenses are high which means you probably need a stable income, and you need to plan a little ahead to make sure that everything works out in the right way. If you are happy with that, then stay there. Just make sure that you still give yourself time to enjoy things and make space for “free flow”.

Do what is right for you, and not what other people tell you is “right”. You are making a difference no matter what you do. Whether you are a bus driver, a receptionist, event manager, therapist, cleaner, sales assistant, lawyer, flight attendant – you name it – you are doing a difference, and the world needs you! Remember – it is not about WHAT you do, but HOW you do it.

With love,