How to cope with fear?
Today I had a conversation with a friend. We met in a cafe and had a chat. At some point she asked me if I had any advice for her regarding fear. In her mind she has a lot of fear for not being good enough at work. Fear of not being good enough in her relationship. In short: Fear of failure!

Let me tell you something that I also told my friend – Fear is something we create in our own mind. It doesn’t really exist. When we imagine our future, we might feel fear of not succeeding or getting closer to our dreams. We might experience fear of disappointing our partner or ourself or fear of not being “where we should be” in life. 

I once heard a friend of a friend telling me that he stopped a relationship because he had fear of disappointing his partner. That is sad. We must take chances, and do the best we can. Why run away from good relationships? Try and make it work. Don’t be so afraid!

It is simply our imagination about life and oour thoughts that create our own fear. We make complicated movies in our head, and the only result that comes out of it is more fear!

Create beautiful stories in your mind. Try and give things a chance instead of running away from them. Don’t escape. See things different. Create love and sweetness in your mind. Switch the way you think. Don’t make it so complicated. If you keep putting more garbage into your mind, you create more fear. If you start to let go of useless thoughts, you will create bliss and harmony, and life will become easier. You will step closer to your dreams, and you can create a harmonious love life with a partner, and a strong relationship with yourself.

Sally XXX