Let go of negative people

How to best respond to negative people

There is nothing worse than being around negative people. They drain our energy! The other day I woke up feeling energised and happy. I had a scheduled appointment and it was one of those encounters that simply pushed my whole energy down to the earth and sucked every living cell out of my body.  The rest of the day I felt low and heavy.  I even woke up the following day feeling “off the track”. I am generally an open and curious human being but I can’t stand negative vibes from people! I’m very sensitive towards people’s energy and the energy of the environment I live in. When I am exposed to negative people, my whole system reacts. I become tired, exhausted and tense.

Does a Yogi respond to negative people?

Being a Yogi doesn’t mean that I don’t react to things. I often hear people say “You are Yogi, you shouldn’t react to negative people”. Well, first of all, I am human. I am no robot! And secondly, I don’t live in cave up in the Himalayas or spend months and months in a Buddhist Temple away from people and movement. When we are exposed to daily life situations, it is human to feel and react. However, it is how we respond to negative people that matters! To me being a Yogi means to become aware of how I feel in any given moment. It also means to allow myself to feel and take the time to reflect on myself. When I realise that my system reacts to certain people or situations, I take a step back. From here I allow myself to feel whatever I feel, and try to understand why my body and mind reacts the way it does. There is usually a reason to why we feel low, tired or sad. It doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. It can be related to how we experience a situation, to negative people, what environment we live in and what type of energy we are surrounded by.

Here are my 10 ways to best respond to negative people:

  1. If you don’t feel comfortable around certain people, step away from them. You deserve to feel at best!
  2. Reflect on how you feel.
  3. Don’t blame yourself, but accept that there are people you simply don’t connect with.
  4. Allow yourself to disconnect by connecting with nature and peace, especially when you feel low and heavy.
  5. Yoga helps. Even 10 minutes. Stretch, move and feel every body part. Notice where you feel held tension
  6. Deep breathing. Simply sit on your couch or yoga mat and feel your breath. Listen to soothing music.
  7. Notice your emotions. Who and what triggers you and why?
  8. Step away from negative people and/or situations. Don’t be afraid to say no. Set your boundaries!
  9. Speak up and don’t waste time on people who are cold and heartless.
  10. Avoid negative people and recognise when they are there. Negative people have bad prana (energy), they drain you and have nothing positive to add to a conversation or meet up. Say “hasta luego”, and let them swim in their own negative misery.

With all my love,