How to be mindful when you are social is something we all could pay more attention to. Not long ago, I had a conversation with a great soul. At some point he mentioned a phrase saying: “Let your words be gold”.
It made me smile because I think this simple sentence is very powerful!

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you are in a group setting? Or when you are social with friends? Or when you are surrounded by people you don’t know? You might enjoy small talk. You might be someone who loves to always chat and be in charge of a conversation, or perhaps you know someone who always needs to say the last word. Whatever you experience in your day to day life, try to observe your own words. And try to notice other people’s words and energy. Often there is too much useless crap coming out of people’s mouth and I personally find it very tiring.

By stepping back and observing what actually comes out from your mouth, you also reduce negative prana to flow. Listen to what you are saying. Check in with other people and be more mindful when you are social. Most importantly -step in or out of the prana that makes you feel good. Observe, feel and understand what you give out and what you want to take in.

Let your words be gold and cut out the useless crap.
Sally xx