How to be mindful when you are social is something we all could pay more attention to. Not long ago, I had a conversation with a great soul. At some point he mentioned a phrase saying: “Let your words be gold”. It made me smile because I think this simple sentence is very powerful! Have you […]

Why you shouldn’t follow fashion diets We live in a time where food and diet regimes are constantly bombarding our screen. A customer asked me the other day: “Sally, how I am supposed to know what diet to follow? One day I read about how great one particular food is for our health, the next […]

How to stay healthy with Ayurveda can be as simple as being aware of what your body tells you. Your body has a natural detoxification system that is governed by the liver, skin, lungs, kidneys and the colon, which work together to eliminate toxins. However, your system can become overloaded from an intake of toxins, from the […]

How to cope with fear? Today I had a conversation with a friend. We met in a cafe and had a chat. At some point she asked me if I had any advice for her regarding fear. In her mind she has a lot of fear for not being good enough at work. Fear of […]

Skinny latte? “One skinny latte to go, please”. I remember standing in a coffee bar in central London years ago and when I heard the woman in front of me asking for a “skinny latte”, I didn’t have a clue what that was?! I never heard of “skinny latte”. Later I found out that a […]

When I teach on my Yoga Retreats I often get many interesting questions from my sweet retreat guests. The one I often get is this: Are you in a relationship? The answer to this is: No, I am not. I am single. Not because I have made a choice to be single and live my […]

How to stay present in a relationship How to stay present in a relationship is a choice. It something I have been reflecting about after a conversation I had the other day with a lady. You know how you sometimes end up having a great conversation with a stranger, and sometimes it inspires your day […]

Acid reflux symptoms is common in the Western world and especially common for people over forty. Not long ago a student of mine complained about always having the urge to cough after taking a meal. Rebecca who is 45 had noticed her coughing (mucus cough) getting worse over the past two months. During my Ayurvedic […]

Ayurvedic Helath Consultation – Available on your Retreat or via Skype.  Includes a personal guideline which will be emailed to you  after the consultation. If needed a personalised 7 day food plan (no calorie counting or food deprivation) will be emailed to you too. After your Ayurvedic Health Consultation you have a free follow up […]

An Ayurveda Detox Yoga Retreat in Canary Islands is all about getting back to balance, feeling better and enjoying a week full of Yoga, detoxifying Ayurveda foods and plenty of time to de-stress. I love to teach Yoga and create inspiring Ayurveda meals for my customers. Over the years I have developed my own teaching […]