We see canned food everywhere. Supermarkets around the world are filled with canned foods. Cafe’s serve canned tuna on salads, on pasta and in sandwiches. Households use canned tomatoes and busy people throw canned chickpeas or beans into a “healthy” homemade salad. What are the dangers of eating canned foods Whenever people ask me about canned […]

Ayurveda literally means “science of life”. It is the oldest system of medical health which origins from India. Ayurveda looks at the body as a whole, and it looks at the root cause of a disease before a cure is determined. Ayurveda teaches us that a disease or imbalance often begins when we don’t live […]

How to eat for your body type isn’t difficult. It’s not about calorie counting or restricting yourself every day, and it’s not about following another diet trend that tells you never to eat bread again or stay away from sweet foods forever. How to eat for your body type is all about balance, and most […]

How much water do you need to stay hydrated We have all heard or read this: “drink 8 glasses of water a day”. However, there are no studies to back this up. Don’t get me wrong. Water is essential for our health. But how much water do you need to stay hydrated? According to the Journal […]

How to react when someone is late for an appointment Do you respect other people’s time? Or are you always running late? Do you know how it feels when someone is late for an appointment? I understand that every now and again we can be late for appointments or meetings. However, when we continuously show […]

Things you need to know before traveling to Morocco Morocco is an inspiring holiday destination. Whether you come on a Yoga holiday or decide to explore and travel around the country, Morocco has it all – sunshine, authentic food, lively markets, colors, old heritage, old Medina’s, mountains, desert, sea, culture and amazing rooftop restaurants. To make it […]

How healthy is Ramadan for the body? – a nutritional view of Ramadan from an expat in Morocco “Do you do Ramadan?”, Said asks me. “No”, I reply. “You should try”, Said looks at me and waits for my reply. Said is not the first one who asks me if I am fasting during the […]

  How to best respond to negative people There is nothing worse than being around negative people. They drain our energy! The other day I woke up feeling energised and happy. I had a scheduled appointment and it was one of those encounters that simply pushed my whole energy down to the earth and sucked […]

Vegan Food Course Marrakech    Vegan food course Marrakech is a fun way to learn about delicious food recipes using local products, ingredients and spices. The course is open to everyone. You don’t have to be vegan to join this food course in Marrakech. Moroccan food is delicious but often heavy on oil and sugar. We […]

This mini conference is open to anybody who wishes to get an understanding of health, diet and well-being. The talk will focus on nutrional health using the principles of Ayurveda. You will get a clear understanding of what Ayurveda is, how to stay healthy and balanced from within, how to control weight gain and weight […]